When Life Gets Slammed!!

So I've been slammed!! My apologies but it has been insane between school, work and life. I miss blogging and feel terrible that I haven't written. To all my followers, I promise I will be back soon. In the meantime, here are my survival tips for when life gets slammed: 1) Stay hydrated: I don't … Continue reading When Life Gets Slammed!!

Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

A continuous challenge most entrepreneurs face is how to stay organized. Working for myself, without a team, and only one person doing everything, I manage to stay organized. I was told recently, “Do you need your computer, you are so organized.”  Even when I worked full-time, my best quality was not asking for deadline extensions … Continue reading Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

Goddess: What It Means

I just read on another blog (http://www.yogagoddess.ca/2012/04/5-sexy-experiments-to-recapture-the-juice-passion-and-beauty-in-your-life/) how to recapture the passion and beauty in life. Zahra Haji, founder of Yoga Goddess is considered a Modern Day Goddess, but some of us still ask, what really is a Goddess? Why should it matter, and at the end of the day, should it matter at all? … Continue reading Goddess: What It Means

“You Are Driven”

I've often been told, I am driven, and I have drive, to get out there and do something and to take action. Recently, it's occurred to me, what makes me driven, and what my "drive" is based upon. So here it is: My Drive=  Pain + Fear + The Unknown It is a combination of … Continue reading “You Are Driven”

Update: HR & Business Blog

Hi! It's been a while as I had taken a bit of a break to re-focus myself. I will be updating this blog with not only HR News, Tips and Discussions but also various other topics around Business. The rate of change that we witness within the world might feel overwhelming at times. This is … Continue reading Update: HR & Business Blog

My Passion= ASK.Solutions

      Today I finally caught up with a few emails in my, "review" folder. A few of them were from Marie Forleo (www.marieforleo.com) an amazing Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who created B-School. In her first video, when she talks about the 6 Pillars of creating an online business, she very clearly states that success comes … Continue reading My Passion= ASK.Solutions