Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

A continuous challenge most entrepreneurs face is how to stay organized. Working for myself, without a team, and only one person doing everything, I manage to stay organized. I was told recently, “Do you need your computer, you are so organized.”  Even when I worked full-time, my best quality was not asking for deadline extensions … Continue reading Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

“You Are Driven”

I've often been told, I am driven, and I have drive, to get out there and do something and to take action. Recently, it's occurred to me, what makes me driven, and what my "drive" is based upon. So here it is: My Drive=  Pain + Fear + The Unknown It is a combination of … Continue reading “You Are Driven”

“Thank You”

I actually want to start off by saying thank you to the Pingback’s from my last entry to the following: Pingback: Daily Leadership Thought #163 – Time Management Is Not Optional « Ed Robinson's Blog  Pingback: Slovak Technical Services | Reminder Manager | Extended Reminders | Blogs | SoftOasis  Pingback: Be Master of your Time | fuzzbytes  Pingback: Managing … Continue reading “Thank You”

Time Management: My Tips

Time Management A common complaint, “not enough time in the day.” Here’s the trick, you control time, because when you let it control you, is when you feel there is not enough of it. This is important both in your life and in your job. My tips for time management: 1) Recognize the difference between controllable … Continue reading Time Management: My Tips