Sources for Job Searching

Here is a list of sources for job searching - obviously customize it to your location, field, and other factors. Be creative and remember job searching is both active and passive: Networking Events a. “Network After Work” – An organization that hosts networking events all across the USA. Be prepared to take a business card and … Continue reading Sources for Job Searching

2016 and Career Goals

Happy New Year to all my followers! Normally we all think about resolutions to make for the New Year. Instead of resolutions, I suggest focusing on goals. Here are my five tips on how to achieve your career goals: Use a pen and paper. Choose a small notebook you can carry with you to write … Continue reading 2016 and Career Goals

Writing Cover Letters

For the past month and a half, I've been writing cover letters for job applications. While talking with my brother yesterday, I realized a different approach I could use for putting them together. Now I realize it may take more time but your cover letter is actually the only chance you have to craft your … Continue reading Writing Cover Letters

My Experience with Video Interviewing

I know it has been ages. I just completed my first pre-recorded video interview for a job application. It was interesting! My tips based on my experience: 1) Relax and take a deep breath. 2) Complete the test question to see how you look and how your tone comes across. 3) You will know the … Continue reading My Experience with Video Interviewing

My Top Ten Resume Tips

Top Ten Resume Tips from ASK.Solutions: 1) The Look: Keep it simple, Arial or Times New Roman (Font size 11 or 12) with even margins, no italics, underlines or bolding. No invisible tables (because I've deleted them from writing resumes) and centre all headings. 2) Tailoring Your Resume: There's the common tip to cater towards … Continue reading My Top Ten Resume Tips

Job Search Analogy

The San Francisco 49er's did not let the numbers take them for granted, they took it for granted, and made the most amazing comeback in history of the Superbowl. The passion for what they do, was so evident, it was that powerful. Be that evident, and take that power in your job search- and use … Continue reading Job Search Analogy

Job Search Tips

For those in the middle of a job search or are still looking for work, here are my suggestions and recommendations on places to look: 1) LinkedIn- please read my previous blog, this a great resource for applying to jobs 2) A wonderful site which I just discovered in Flex-Jobs which allows you to also search … Continue reading Job Search Tips

Personal Branding

There has been a big movement towards branding- whether it is personal branding, company branding, product or service, it’s important to understand the different types. For more reading, view The most important to comprehend, is your personal brand. The main points to figure this out are two things: 1)   What do people seek you … Continue reading Personal Branding

My Tips: Cover Letters

Cover Letters- My Tips Writing a cover letter is not always the most enjoyable aspect in a job search when applying for jobs. In fact it is a determining factor, in whether or not, your resume will be reviewed. In all my experience as a job seeker, as a recruiter and my background within HR, … Continue reading My Tips: Cover Letters

Update: Global Employability Crisis Persists

Global Employability Crisis Persists, May 31, 2012 — One in three employers (34%) globally are reporting difficulty in filling jobs due to lack of available talent, according to the results of ManpowerGroup's 7th annual "Talent Shortage Survey." This year's data shows the crisis' deeper effect, as 56% of employers indicate that unfilled positions are expected … Continue reading Update: Global Employability Crisis Persists