Changes to My Blog

To all my readers - so sorry for being out of touch! Thank you always for reading my blog! I have made a few changes to my blog. I am taking down my website and utilizing my blog instead of the site because it is easier to maintain. Look out for weekly updates coming soon … Continue reading Changes to My Blog

How I Define “Empower”

How I Define "Empower" Educate Move Positive Own Why Energy Results We all talk about feeling empowered and more recently this is discussed quite a bit amongst women. What does that mean? Have you created your definition of what it means to be empowered? I had a bit of a break in the past six … Continue reading How I Define “Empower”

When Life Gets Slammed!!

So I've been slammed!! My apologies but it has been insane between school, work and life. I miss blogging and feel terrible that I haven't written. To all my followers, I promise I will be back soon. In the meantime, here are my survival tips for when life gets slammed: 1) Stay hydrated: I don't … Continue reading When Life Gets Slammed!!

Poke The Box Workbook

Poke The Box Workbook There is only one thing to say about this workbook from Seth Godin - use it, understand it and review it. There's that much power in this - and I loved it. It rejuvenated my brain and what I wanted. Projects I want to work on, what I want in my … Continue reading Poke The Box Workbook

“You Are Driven”

I've often been told, I am driven, and I have drive, to get out there and do something and to take action. Recently, it's occurred to me, what makes me driven, and what my "drive" is based upon. So here it is: My Drive=  Pain + Fear + The Unknown It is a combination of … Continue reading “You Are Driven”

Society and Consumption

To what degree do we live in an “excess-consumption society?” A recent article profiles a family based in Germany, who are activists in a “money strike.” The way they support themselves are through the love and goodwill of others through projects for the good of society; this amounts to 40 to 50 hours a weeks, … Continue reading Society and Consumption

Creating Your Career Inventory

Before I write, I want to say thank you in advance for reading my blog, I welcome feedback and requests and look forward to hearing from you. In the New Year, we make resolutions, which commonly we don’t end up keeping. It begins with lose more weight, create a financial plan, say “no” more often, … Continue reading Creating Your Career Inventory


The definition of Motivation, is as follows: Noun: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way: escape can be a strong motivation for travel.• the general desire or willingness of someone to do something: keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation. So here is my question for everyone, what … Continue reading Motivation

My Passion= ASK.Solutions

      Today I finally caught up with a few emails in my, "review" folder. A few of them were from Marie Forleo ( an amazing Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who created B-School. In her first video, when she talks about the 6 Pillars of creating an online business, she very clearly states that success comes … Continue reading My Passion= ASK.Solutions