HR & Creativity

The word creative is defined as having a good imagination or where original ideas came from. The discipline of HR so vast with different areas of opportunity allows for thinking beyond the box. This is where the idea of creativity is applied because the field of HR constantly changes and where new ideas come together. … Continue reading HR & Creativity

Videos & Personal Branding

In response to a blog by Software Advice referring to video resumes, written by Eugene Lim, she raises a point, which actually differentiates how a video is also effectively used for your Personal Brand. She states in her first point:: “Instead, show something different. For instance, since actions speak louder than words, show yourself working on your latest … Continue reading Videos & Personal Branding

Recruiting for Small Businesses

I recently wrote a Blog for Small Business Centr about cost-effective strategies for recruiting. The typical process which bigger businesses use through a database, and job boards, are expensive, and result in quite a bit of resume dumping. As an HR Professional with experience in Recruiting there are a few options. Click here to read my … Continue reading Recruiting for Small Businesses

Update: Global Employability Crisis Persists

Global Employability Crisis Persists, May 31, 2012 — One in three employers (34%) globally are reporting difficulty in filling jobs due to lack of available talent, according to the results of ManpowerGroup's 7th annual "Talent Shortage Survey." This year's data shows the crisis' deeper effect, as 56% of employers indicate that unfilled positions are expected … Continue reading Update: Global Employability Crisis Persists

HR: The 411 on Career Options

HR has becomes a field of opportunity with different areas; each with their own unique points. Here I outline all the areas and the unique points. Most of the time, people think of two things when it comes to HR, hiring and firing. That’s no surprise because that’s the department that has to manage those … Continue reading HR: The 411 on Career Options

Social Networking Online Protection Act Introduced

Social Networking Online Protection Act Introduced 5/1/2012 By Allen Smith Continued concern about employers asking applicants and employees for their passwords to social media sites has led to the introduction of a federal bill to prohibit the practice. On April 27, 2012, Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., introduced the Social Networking Online Protection Act (SNOPA). SNOPA … Continue reading Social Networking Online Protection Act Introduced