Changes to My Blog

To all my readers - so sorry for being out of touch! Thank you always for reading my blog! I have made a few changes to my blog. I am taking down my website and utilizing my blog instead of the site because it is easier to maintain. Look out for weekly updates coming soon … Continue reading Changes to My Blog

Coffee and Working Professionals

Well, it's the first Monday of 2015. It's also my first blog of 2015. In my last blog I wrote that Monday's will be good for all of us and that I will be writing weekly. So now I'm sharing how to make your weeks better - in terms of health, personally and professionally. This applies … Continue reading Coffee and Working Professionals

Equation for Natural Efficiency

Natural Productivity = Emotional Intelligence + Passion + Healthy LifestyleProductivity and efficiency are the same. Look at the equation, where do you need to improve to be natural in your performance at work? Productivity comes naturally, either you do it or don't, stop trying so hard, and figure out what you need to do, and … Continue reading Equation for Natural Efficiency

HR & Creativity

The word creative is defined as having a good imagination or where original ideas came from. The discipline of HR so vast with different areas of opportunity allows for thinking beyond the box. This is where the idea of creativity is applied because the field of HR constantly changes and where new ideas come together. … Continue reading HR & Creativity

“Thank You”

I actually want to start off by saying thank you to the Pingback’s from my last entry to the following: Pingback: Daily Leadership Thought #163 – Time Management Is Not Optional « Ed Robinson's Blog  Pingback: Slovak Technical Services | Reminder Manager | Extended Reminders | Blogs | SoftOasis  Pingback: Be Master of your Time | fuzzbytes  Pingback: Managing … Continue reading “Thank You”

A good refresh on this model!

Sahib Karim Khan's Blog

It was 1979 when a Harvard Business School’s professor Michael E. Porter developed Porter’s five forces analysis framework for industry analysis and business strategy development.

It may seem a little complex to many people, but we will try to understand it from a very different perspective, from a lay-man’s perspective 🙂

What are Porter’s 5 Forces?

To put it in the simple way Uncle Porter says that if you want to start a new business or analyze an existing one you must consider following 5 forces/factors in doing so:

  1. Threat of New Competition
  2. Threat of Substitute Product or Service
  3. Bargaining Power of Customers
  4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  5. Competitive Rivalry

A Lay-man’s Perspective – Example:

Okay enough business vocabulary; let’s understand the concept with an easy example. Assume that we want to start a business, say selling ice-cream on a cart (Thaelay wala). So what are the factors we…

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