Client Testimonials

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“Ayeesha personally met with me and carefully reviewed and revised my resume. She provided me with helpful interview tips and even held a mock interview with me. Ayeesha’s knowledge and skill in HR matters is only exceeded by her thoughtful, kind and helpful demeanor. She makes her clients feel at ease and enables her clients to reflect upon their career goals and aspirations and map out a plan for achievement. An HR session with Ayeesha is empowering in achieving one’s full potential. I highly recommend Ayeesha’s services to anyone who is seeking upward mobility in his or her career and/or work-life balance.”  – Zahra Ismail, MPH Columbia University


“ASK.Solutions has what you need in an HR Professional. Effective in recruitment, coordinating administration activities and communication, it is a pleasure to work with her.”  – Olu Adeoye Jr., Owner, Pandora Models/Ambrosia Talent Management


“I am very pleased to be associated with Ms. Kanji. She is teaching me how to understand computers and the world of the Internet. In our sessions together, we work together how to use the Internet for my enjoyment. We work together and I enjoy learning new things.”  – Student, Age 84, Mrs. Toby Jane Boas


“After consulting with ASK.Solutions, it was obvious the extensive knowledge and expertise in creating and leveraging LinkedIn profiles. It was a pleasure to work with her and seek her advice – she did wonders on my page! I am grateful and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade their online presence to increase profits and visibility.” – Melyssa Moniz, Founder, Melyssa Moniz Mentoring Inc.


“The best part of working with ASK.Solutions is the engaged process in her approach to Career Optimization. With her expertise, the overhaul of my resume, allowed my accomplishments to stand out more than they ever have. I recommend working with her to create a resume you are proud of.”  – Aman Moolji, Business Development, VM Farms


“Ayeesha exudes a natural ability in her skills as a teacher and facilitator. Within group seminars, she is capable of changing her plan to best suit the needs of the audience in the moment as well as individual clients. Working with her there is no doubt you will get what you want. Her amazing support is what makes her stand out from the rest.”  – Aaryan Bandali, Real Estate Professional