Author, Poet & Blogger

Author, Poet & Blogger


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Bigger Than A Grapefruit

  • 365 Life Shifts, 2017

The Moment My Life Made Sense

  • 365 Moments of Grace, 2016

Contributor: 50 Seeds of Greatness by Germaine Moody

In his revolutionary, historic and worldwide record-setting new book “50 Seeds of Greatness,” Germaine Moody examines the power within us all to experience greatness and to become an endless asset to the world. He selects 50 seeds or topics such as “Timing”, “Preparation”, “Opportunity”, “Dream”, Sacrifice”, “Dominion”, “Listen With Golden Ears”, “Success”, “Inspiration” and many more, sharing how our lives, likened to seeds, can produce an abundance of whatever we desire, while also leaving a legacy of our presence on Earth. This monumental, historic and global collaboration includes hundreds of business professionals from over 100 countries who answer the question “What does greatness mean to me?”


Blog Contributor: New York University

  1. The Power of LinkedIn

Blog Contributor: Arabian Gazette

  1. Passion and Determination
  2. The Recipe for Confidence
  3. A Break vs. A Vacation
  4. Top 5 Reasons why a Healthy Lifestyle is Important

Blog Contributor: Careeralism

  1. Balancing Career and Family
  2. 6 Workouts to do at your Desk
  3. 10 Must-Have Desk Foods

Blog Contributor: Small Business Centre

  1. Recruiting for Small Businesses

Article: City of Angels vs. City of the Whole World

  • Santa Monica High School Alumni Newsletter. Summer 2010. Los Angeles.


  1. Grammar Series, Part 3 of 5: Verbs and Adverbs
  2. Grammar Series, Part 2 of 5: Adjectives
  3. Grammar Series, Part 1 of 5: Nouns & Pronouns
  4. Entrepreneurs & Organization Skills
  5. Job Search Analogy
  6. “You Are Driven”
  7. Coffee vs. Espresso
  8. Definition of Health
  9. Gratitude Alphabet
  10. The Importance of Sleep
  11. Goddess: What It Means
  12. Creating Your Career Inventory
  13. Equation for Natural Efficiency
  14. HR & Creativity
  15. “Thank You”
  16. Time Management: My Tips
  17. Job Search Tips
  18. Videos & Personal Branding
  19. Recruiting for Small Businesses
  20. Career -Family Balance
  21. Personal Branding
  22. Motivation
  23. My Passion = ASK.Solutions
  24. My Tips, Cover Letters
  25. Workplace Bullying
  26. HR: The 411 on Career Options
  27. Job Hunting & Staying Positive
  28. “SNOPA” Introduced
  29. LinkedIn: My Two Cents


Poem: As I Live

  • Who’s Who In American Poetry, 2014

Poem: Amnesia

  • Best Poets of 2014

Poem: Soul

  • The Gospel According To Poetry, 2014

Poem: As I Live

  • Who’s Who In American Poetry, 2014

Poem: My Meditation

  • The Best Poems and Poets of 2012.

Poem: My First Love

  • Greatest Poets Across America, 2012.

Poem: Architect

  • Greatest Poems and Poets of 2011. Library of Congress

Poem: My First Love

  • Greatest Poets of America. National Poetry Month

Poem: Beautiful Day

  • Stars in Our Hearts. World Poetry Movement 2011. Library of Congress.

Poem: Angel

  • His Highness The Aga Khan, Couleurs D’Amour Art Exhibition, 50 Years Commemoration. 2008-Toronto.

Poem: Brown Eyes

  • The Best Poems and Poets of 2007/2008. International Library of Poetry.

Poem: Dream vs. Reality

  • The International Who’s Who In Poetry. 2008. International Library of Poetry
  • Centres of Expression. 2008. Noble House Publishers.

Poem: Angel

  • The International Who’s Who In Poetry. 2007. International Library of Poetry.

Poem: The Face of a Princess

  • The Poems and Poets of 2005. 2006. International Library of Poetry.
  • Sound of Poetry CD Collection. 2006. International Library of Poetry.

Poem: Silence

  • Songs of Honour. 2006. Noble House Publishers.
  • Colours of The Heart. 2004. Noble House Publishers.
  • Cherish Our Heritage Bilingual Poetry Contest. 2004. The Ontario Poetry Society.
  • Labour of Love. 2004. Coffeehouse Publication.

Poem: Image

  • The Colors of Life. 2004. International Library of Poetry.
  • Sound of Poetry CD Collection. 2004.  International Library of Poetry