How To Write “Thank You” Letters 

Purpose of a “Thank You Letter”

1) Display written communication skills

2) Leverage your direct experience that contributes to the role

3) Draw on your human capital that aligns with requirements of the role

4) Open up lines of communication 

5) Write with gratitude and authenticity 

Sample with Notes in Parentheses:

Good Afternoon “Name” (Personable Salutation and Name of Interviewer) 

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with (your company). I enjoyed the interview (or group interview environment or panel interview) because (what you learned in the interview- portray active listening skills). 

My entrepreneurial experience in communications, client relationships and previous experience in managing inventory as well as teams is what I would like to leverage (mention key experience highlights that contribute to position) to contribute to the role of (position).  My Adult Learning and Human Resource background (draw on your human capital that aligns with requirements) align with the requirements of training and developing a team to drive growth and deliver excellent client satisfaction.

I look forward to next steps and appreciate your feedback on the interview or my resume so I can strive for professional and personal growth. (Write confidently for next steps and open up lines of communication) 

Have a wonderful long weekend. 

Thank you, (Best ending) 

(Your Name)


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