Interviews: Women & Makeup

I have finally figured out a simple and effective routine for wearing makeup during interviews. I also will give recommendations on products as well! Use mineral makeup only – here it is:

1) Always cleanse, tone, and apply serum or moisturizer depending on your skincare routine.

2) Begin with foundation primer – BareMinerals is a great one.

3) Now apply concealer – remember draw a triangle of dots below your eye, a dot on the inner corner of your eye, one on your eyelid and one on your brow bone underneath your eyebrow. For this I recommend MAC Mineralized line. Don’t blend right away, keep this ready to go.

4) Now either use a tinted moisturizer (Eminence Brand) or a tinted hydrating gel cream (Bare Minerals) to blend in with your concealer. Now using either a silicone makeup blender or a wedding water dropper makeup blender and the back of your hand, blend, blend, and blend!! Use Amazon to purchase the blenders.

5) Once you have finished blending, set your foundation with powder (this is tricky to recommend only because of undertones). 

6) Curl your eyelashes, brush your eyebrows into place and if needed darken or thicken them up with a bit of color – MAC has a good line for this. 

7) For more eye makeup, keep it simple and if you are going to be creative, make sure the field you’re in calls for it. If you wear contacts or have allergies, be mindful. 

8) Now your lips. I’ve fallen in love with MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencil. Just enough color, not too bold. I pair it with a NARS lip pencil. 

9) Now comb your hair and turn at different angles in the mirror. Double the check the sides of your face – all blended in? Is your face and your neck the same color when blended in together? Double check all spots. Remember, professional, polished and awake is how you want to look. If you add color, do not overdo it. Less is more.

10) Now, put on your watch, a pair of earrings and your blazer. Obviously if you’re married, wear your ring!! Don’t forget your shoes 🙂 Doubke check your briefcase and conquer your interview. 

Side Note: For a night out on the town, in step 2 use a Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer. Trust me, your Instagram pics will look awesome! Thanks for reading this – enjoy and would love to hear comments. 


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