Sources for Job Searching

Here is a list of sources for job searching – obviously customize it to your location, field, and other factors. Be creative and remember job searching is both active and passive:

Networking Events

a. “Network After Work” – An organization that hosts networking events all across the

USA. Be prepared to take a business card and copies of resume’s to talk to potential


b. MeetUp’s – As an example NYC Business Networking Group on MeetUp and NYC

Networking Events for Professionals are the most popular groups for professionals to

develop their contact base.

c. Shapr (Mobile App) – A smartphone mobile app that connects you with people in

your industry to allow you to have informational interviews with people who could be

resourceful in your job search.

d. Eventbrite Networking Events – There are networking events all over the city which

include job fairs, events for different professions and investor/entrepreneurial


a. This a career network with 1,400+ resources on salary research, job postings,

company information and specialized communities for each field.

b. This network is searched by recruiters because it is a database of up to 50 million+

professionals worldwide.

c. When a student joins this website they are connected with multiple job sites to add

their resume into multiple databases and this increases their online visibility with

different recruiters.

C) Specialized LinkedIn Job Groups

a. Build an effective profile to develop and grow your network.

b. Join Job Groups according to City (New York City Jobs & Careers Network)

c. Join Job Groups according to Profession (Medical Coding Jobs and Training)


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