How I Define “Empower”

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How I Define “Empower”








We all talk about feeling empowered and more recently this is discussed quite a bit amongst women. What does that mean? Have you created your definition of what it means to be empowered? I had a bit of a break in the past six weeks. I’ve been relaxing in Toronto and soaking up Toronto weather, lifestyle and food. The food in Toronto is awesome! I also have been thinking about what it means to be empowered. I’ve been inspired by Laura Furtado, Melyssa Moniz and DivaGirl Prenur when it came to creating how I defined the word empower. Well, I wrote it above and here is my explanation:

  • Educate yourself beyond school and textbooks. It means talking to people, reading blogs, opening up to new experiences, read more books and be more willing to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Take action. That is a part of achieving your goals and attracting what you want into your life. I know this from experience.
  • Know how to recognize the positive no matter what you face in life. I’ve talked about this over coffee and lunch with friends and they always ask me how to think positive. Allow yourself space to think positive and not just the norm.
  • Make your decisions and own them. You are CEO of your life, own your life and take control of yourself.
  • Both Laura and Melyssa always emphasize to acknowledge your “why.” The “why” of what you do, what you do not want and who you are. Always remember your “why,” of everything you do in life.
  • Exercise and take time for yourself. Take care to have energy to do everything that you want to do. Your health comes first and so does your energy. Maintain and balance your energy.
  • Focus your goals on results that you will be proud of. This is how you measure yourself to getting what you want. Get the results you want and you will know your hard work paid off.

Be empowered to achieve your full potential – that’s why it is called empowerment. In the words of Beyonce, “who runs the world? Girls!” Now go run your life and just do it!


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