When Life Gets Slammed!!


So I’ve been slammed!! My apologies but it has been insane between school, work and life. I miss blogging and feel terrible that I haven’t written. To all my followers, I promise I will be back soon. In the meantime, here are my survival tips for when life gets slammed:

1) Stay hydrated: I don’t mean just water either. You need electrolytes, so I recommend coconut water. If you drink gatorade and all that stuff, remember how much fake sugar you are consuming. Herbal tea’s are great and don’t forget hot water and lemon. The more hydrated you are, the more you actually stay awake. I love coffee don’t get me wrong, but you will crash with too much, so be careful!

2) Sleep: I stayed in bed all day yesterday, I was wiped out. If that’s how you feel, then do it. You need your rest. Trust me, you don’t want to get sick and it is going around. Rest up, always.

3) Stay active: Even if it means only five or ten minutes with PopSugar on YouTube (and they have awesome workout video’s) do something! Anything that keeps you happy and feels like fun, do it! Yoga, weights, running, dancing, swimming or stretching, keep your body moving.

4) Prioritize: My brother always reminded me, if it won’t make a difference at 9am tomorrow then save it for later. Do what will make you feel organized and better for the next day. If you’ve made commitments then focus on those. Just do what you need to do to feel organized.

5) Take breaks: I do this more now and I feel better. Take a mental break from everything. It could mean finishing that list of errands piling up, meal planning, household chores or even watching a movie. Remove yourself from everything for at least one day.

Last but not least, breathe. Call up a friend you’ve been meaning to call. Catch up, laugh and live a bit – and guess what, you’ll be able to get through everything way better. Remember the motto, work hard, play hard, no drama!!!!


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