Coffee and Working Professionals

Well, it’s the first Monday of 2015. It’s also my first blog of 2015. In my last blog I wrote that Monday’s will be good for all of us and that I will be writing weekly. So now I’m sharing how to make your weeks better – in terms of health, personally and professionally. This applies to students who work and also the world of working professionals.

We have an addiction to caffeine – and more specifically, coffee. I write this from my own experience. I work part-time and am also a full-time graduate student, both at New York University. When the crunch time shows up, it’s all about the caffeine and the sugar. On the contrary, it’s only doing the opposite of what we think it is. I drank an Americanno today after three days. Yes, you will get headaches, but that’s what water is for. You probably read numerous articles about why you should and shouldn’t drink that cup of joe.


Take it from someone who knows through actual trial and error. Allow yourself a cup of joe when you know you will face that long of a day or week. We are now facing the first work week of 2015, and yes it will be a long week. In my case it’s my first four day work week of the year. How do you curb the other days from not having coffee? That is what hot water and lemon is for. I can just imagine what’s going through your head right now – “how many times I have read that as well?” You probably have lost track by now! Here’s what I recommend:

1) Have a cup of morning joe every third day. So today I had an Americanno, yesterday and the day before, I drank hot water with lemon. Allow yourself that cup every third day. So tomorrow and Wednesday, consume hot water and lemon only. On the day you have coffee you still drink hot water and lemon when you wake up. You drink your coffee when your body is ready for it. This way you train your body and you learn to listen to it. You only end up having coffee 2 or maybe three times a week as a result.

2) Detox and digest. Let’s admit this all-together, our eating habits will not ever be perfect. That’s why hot water and lemon in the morning is the best thing. It detoxes your body and wakes up your digestive system. Trust me when I say that it is a detox for your stomach. It will curb your coffee craving. I remember one time in Toronto, my brother asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee and I said no. I had no craving and my hot water and lemon habit was the reason why. My craving was that minimal.

3) Be nice to your stomach. Listening to your body is that important. The nicer you are to your stomach, the better you feel for digesting and managing a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of hot water and lemon is to be nice to your stomach. A lot of blogs pinpoint the detailed health benefits but at the end of it all, it’s about being nice to your stomach. Nobody can do this for you, so start doing it now!

I always believe that the number three is a good number for all of us. How much can you remember when you read something? Surprisingly, it’s usually three things or three aspects of what you have read. I will always keep it to three for tips and tricks. My last point, don’t exceed two cups a day on the days your drink coffee. You will crash and, it will not be pretty. If it’s 4pm and you’re waiting for it to be 5pm, grab the water and not the joe. Keep a reusable water bottle on your desk at work to remind you for staying hydrated. Use the breaks away from your computer to fill your bottle. The next blog will be about hydration, because, let’s admit it, what we ingest affects our productivity in everything. For this week focus on managing caffeine. We manage our life and everything in it. It is a full-time job so let’s make it the job we love and give it our best. I look forward to next week!


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