My Top Ten Resume Tips

Top Ten Resume Tips from ASK.Solutions:


1) The Look:

Keep it simple, Arial or Times New Roman (Font size 11 or 12) with even margins, no italics, underlines or bolding. No invisible tables (because I’ve deleted them from writing resumes) and centre all headings.

2) Tailoring Your Resume:

There’s the common tip to cater towards the job you’re applying to, which yes makes sense. Don’t cater so much that you take away the value you add by removing that much either.

3) Your Top Section:

At the top, create a summary paragraph, that stands out to define your field of expertise, your best soft skills and how you add value to a company.

4) Bullet Points:

Be brief with your bullet points, leave room for the interview – where possible quantify your points with a number, but, a number which makes sense and that you can back-up.

5) One Assumption:

Don’t write “references available upon request,” at the end because that is assumed already.

6) Length:

The length of your resume actually is an arguable point. There is a mentality that the shorter your resume the better or based on a number of years of experience, it’s only supposed to be so long. Here’s my perspective – gage the length of your resume based on your level of accomplishments, how much education you have and what you need to showcase for the job you are applying to. It will change, the point is to make yourself stand out, and you know yourself the best, so, make it look that way, and the best you can.

7) Action Verbs:

This is crucial. The tense should all be consistent, meaning, past tense for all past job history. Cater your verbs towards your field, and do not just use the same verbs as everyone else. An IT Consultant would use different verbs from an HR Manager. Different roles within a company require distinct verbs. Look at your job description, and use that as your base to create your action verbs to write out your accomplishments.

8) Personal Information:

Your personal information should include your name, your phone number, your email and LinkedIn Profile. If you have a long resume, include a header with your name and page # of 2 at the top.

9) Do Not “Should” Your Resume

As you gain more experience, play around with format, and experiment with functional or chronological. Do what works for you and what you’re comfortable with. Don’t “should” your resume…i.e. “I should only have one page”……..”I should only write three points/job”……..This is your career – own it, and take control.

10) Key-Words:

Use key words that are within the job posting you are applying to, otherwise an ATS will not pick it up. Where possible submit Word versions unless only a PDF is allowed.

Happy Job-Hunting!!


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