“You Are Driven”

I’ve often been told, I am driven, and I have drive, to get out there and do something and to take action. Recently, it’s occurred to me, what makes me driven, and what my “drive” is based upon. So here it is:

My Drive=  Pain + Fear + The Unknown

It is a combination of my own human feelings, and using them to my advantage towards my goals.  It takes time to realize that it is our own state of being and state of mind that stands in our own way, and to not let that happen. On my recent reset vacation, I was surrounded by water, mountains, clouds, and islands; my mind had a break to realize how I could take the leap into becoming endless and achieve the greatness that I deserve in the one life I live.

I end this post be telling you, that you have that drive and that the time is now, it is not what it was or what it could be, follow your instinct, follow your heart and develop your mind- rekindle your drive and get what you want!


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