The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is so important. I was planning on having a nap, and I wanted to just go to sleep, lately I’ve been a bit of a zombie, I’ve had trouble sleeping. The only time our bodies rejuvenate, rest and relax properly- is when we sleep. It’s important to have a regular sleep schedule, and when you need to, take a nap to catch up or power-up to continue with your day. Here are my tips on getting sleep regularly and getting yourself to sleep if you have trouble:

1) Exercise helps you sleep. You build up your circulation, your energy and the power of your mind by maintaining physical activity. This is what helps produce melatonin, the hormone allowing us to feel drowsy. This is how exercise helps keep us on a regular sleep schedule.

2) When you have trouble sleeping, the natural way of helping our bodies to sleep is by taking melatonin to support our bodies in this function, that our body needs. Chamomile tea is also known for its relaxing ailments, and is my favourite for helping me to sleep. Your absolute last resort should be sleeping pills- these should not be your first option.

3) PM Yoga- an excellent DVD to help you sleep is AM/PM Yoga from Gaiam. It’s an excellent way to start and end your day and opens up stress points to relax you to sleep and wake up energy points to help you start day.

Most importantly, when we lay down to sleep, our minds start racing- keep a journal next to you, write it out, categorize it, make a list and keep it out of your head. Have a good nights sleep tonight!


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