Society and Consumption

To what degree do we live in an “excess-consumption society?” A recent article profiles a family based in Germany, who are activists in a “money strike.” The way they support themselves are through the love and goodwill of others through projects for the good of society; this amounts to 40 to 50 hours a weeks, and resources from food-sharing websites, couch-surfing sites, and principles of collaborative consumption. Have you ever or anybody you know, stopped and analyzed, how high your level of carbon footprint is in context to consumption of society as a whole? I’ve been on a detox this year in clothes, what I consume, what I have because I realize I’m only one person, how much do I really need? As stated in the article, “we are all responsible for making a wasteful society- this money strike is to inspire other people to reflect about other possibilities.” Do you agree? According to the article, “one-third of all food produced worldwide (valued at about $1 trillion a year) gets wasted.” At one point in our lives (or maybe some don’t) we take a “journey of humanity” within ourselves to heighten our awareness of introspection, of our dreams and activate our true potential. How do you define freedom? I’m asking you the reader, because you are also human, like me, I don’t have the answers. I happen to have a passion for creativity and for learning, but more importantly, for believing in what I want; all I want is to be happy, like everyone else. Consuming less or actually detoxing my life of what feels excess or pointless is what I let go of, and what I move on from. We all have an equal part in this world, what change can we contribute to envision more possibilities? I’m more inspired to hear what you have to say, after all, I don’t write just for me, I write for you, so you know we’re all in this together as one. Let’s remember the song from a while back, “We are the world,” and now we know what Michael Jackson meant when he said, “heal the world;” Let’s work together as one to make this world a better place. Yes, I do agree, to a certain degree we live in an excess-consumption society, and also agree that many people might not agree, which is why it is called, agree to disagree, thanks for reading.


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