Definition of Health

“The state of being free from illness or injury”

“Mental or Physical condition”

I was thinking a few days ago, how the word Health is defined. On my MacBook Pro dictionary, the above two are the definitions, and then there is the figurative definition, “used to measure the health of a company.”

Then I asked myself, what it means to be free, and I realized, it’s not just condition, illness or injury that determine health. So much of our health is due to Stress Management. Our attitude, emotional strain and energy are so connected to our health that we forget at times, maybe, how much of our actual health problems, directly relate back to stress. Managing stress is easier said than done, and may be easier for some people but overall, this is a key factor in our health.

My tips for Stress Management as it relates to your Health:

1) Go with the flow, take it easy

2) Life has no instructions, which is what mistakes are for, it’s all about learning about yourself.

3) Every day set aside at least 10 minutes of relaxation, choose what suits your instincts and your personal health goals.

4) Incorporate daily physical activity, gym, dancing, weights, fitness classes, walking etc., there are a wide variety of choices you can choose from.

5) Get enough sleep to rejuvenate your mind and strength.

6) When you feel negative circumstances surrounding you, take a step back, breath deep, go with the flow, face it, accept it as a learning experience and move on. Allow yourself to be human, and don’t put a timestamp on how quick you should move on, or face the situation, or accept it, however you have to deal with it, choose the best option for yourself, don’t let your surroundings determine it for you.

7) Focus on being positive and when you feel negative, reach out for a helping hand, do not feel alone.

8) Compile a CD of your favourite happy-mood songs and when you feel negative and can’t get out of that state, put on the CD.

9) Surround yourself with a network of people who support you, unconditionally and support you in your dreams and the love you have for yourself.

10) In the words of Bobby McFerrin, “don’t worry, be happy.” 🙂


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