Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

A continuous challenge most entrepreneurs face is how to stay organized. Working for myself, without a team, and only one person doing everything, I manage to stay organized. I was told recently, “Do you need your computer, you are so organized.”  Even when I worked full-time, my best quality was not asking for deadline extensions … Continue reading Entrepreneurs & Organizational Skills

CAREEREALISM Contributions

6 Workouts to do at Your Desk We live in a world, which is unable to function without technology, and requires sitting at a desk all day. Desk workouts are great because you are still at your desk, and they allow you to take that break you need when you feel overwhelmed or need to … Continue reading CAREEREALISM Contributions

The Gratitude Alphabet

The definition of gratitude is "the quality of being thankful." Commonly, people talk about what they want, what they lack or complain about the negative side of life. We all do it, and yes, it is a part of being human. The other side of being human is to also express gratitude for what you … Continue reading The Gratitude Alphabet

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is so important. I was planning on having a nap, and I wanted to just go to sleep, lately I've been a bit of a zombie, I've had trouble sleeping. The only time our bodies rejuvenate, rest and relax properly- is when we sleep. It's important to have a regular sleep schedule, and when … Continue reading The Importance of Sleep

Goddess: What It Means

I just read on another blog (http://www.yogagoddess.ca/2012/04/5-sexy-experiments-to-recapture-the-juice-passion-and-beauty-in-your-life/) how to recapture the passion and beauty in life. Zahra Haji, founder of Yoga Goddess is considered a Modern Day Goddess, but some of us still ask, what really is a Goddess? Why should it matter, and at the end of the day, should it matter at all? … Continue reading Goddess: What It Means

Definition of Health

"The state of being free from illness or injury" "Mental or Physical condition" I was thinking a few days ago, how the word Health is defined. On my MacBook Pro dictionary, the above two are the definitions, and then there is the figurative definition, "used to measure the health of a company." Then I asked … Continue reading Definition of Health

Coffee vs. Espresso

In one post I had mentioned to limit your caffeine intake, as a treat or even when you only absolutely need it. I've now noticed a pattern with myself. First I have switched to Espresso and not feeling coffee anymore. On Mondays and Fridays, I have an espresso in the morning or afternoon. I've noticed … Continue reading Coffee vs. Espresso

“You Are Driven”

I've often been told, I am driven, and I have drive, to get out there and do something and to take action. Recently, it's occurred to me, what makes me driven, and what my "drive" is based upon. So here it is: My Drive=  Pain + Fear + The Unknown It is a combination of … Continue reading “You Are Driven”

Society and Consumption

To what degree do we live in an “excess-consumption society?” A recent article profiles a family based in Germany, who are activists in a “money strike.” The way they support themselves are through the love and goodwill of others through projects for the good of society; this amounts to 40 to 50 hours a weeks, … Continue reading Society and Consumption