Time Management: My Tips

Time Management

A common complaint, “not enough time in the day.” Here’s the trick, you control time, because when you let it control you, is when you feel there is not enough of it. This is important both in your life and in your job. My tips for time management:

1) Recognize the difference between controllable time and uncontrollable time. There are two key differences here- what you schedule/plan versus what life plans for you (or what your workday ends up being)

Examples of controllable time:

  • Your to-do list
  • Appointments
  • Scheduled me time
  • Social time
  • Routine activities

Examples of uncontrollable time:

  • Interruptions
  • Last-minute activities
  • Crisis
  • Unpredictable activities

2) Priorities is what keeps you on tab. If you want to calculate your controllable time versus uncontrollable time in a spreadsheet, to recognize how much time you actually want to manage correctly, you can but a more realistic approach- think of your goals, both short-term and long-term. Create a critical path, with the end in mind and back track a full plan of every action item to be implemented. Create your priorities, which relate to each action item to keep you on track.

3) Reminders/Task Analysis is along the same lines, I use task analysis for the workplace, and either use MS Outlook (Your email Program) to track your tasks. Your tasks are not your email inbox- it’s what you create separately to manage all your projects. For personal use, create reminders in Reminders App (for Mac, if you use Evernotes, kudos to you!)  In PC, be creative unless your use Outlook, use PPT and add in images and write down your daily reminders of everything you want to accomplish. Don’t think of it as “get it done,” but as an accomplishment, change your mind-set.

4) Your mindset and attitude are half the reason why you think the way you do towards managing time. If you don’t accomplish something, recognize that everything happens for a reason, and link what you didn’t accomplish to another reminder to stay on track. Be positive and remember you are a human being, not a robot.


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