Job Search Tips

For those in the middle of a job search or are still looking for work, here are my suggestions and recommendations on places to look:

1) LinkedIn– please read my previous blog, this a great resource for applying to jobs

2) A wonderful site which I just discovered in Flex-Jobs which allows you to also search for telecommuting jobs

3) Social-Hire allows employers to find you and is a great resource for connecting with employers.

4) A new website coming up now is Jojari linking to jobs world-wide and is not based on keyword searches.

5) Your LinkendIn headline is also a great resource, beneath your name, update your headline daily or every other day for employers and recruiters to see that you make your career your full-time job.

6) Referral Letters for your Networking Contacts. Mastering how to write Referral Letters to requests Informational Interviews, Meeting Requests and Introduction Letters for your job campaign are a great resource to finding hidden jobs.

7) Make a trip to your local Starbucks. Based on my own experience, you will surprise yourself as to who you meet and the contacts you make while you enjoy yourself and the free wi-fi access.

8) My last tip, do not give up, learn from your past job searches, your mentors and your friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, for support and for inspiration. It takes time and remember you are not alone.



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