Videos & Personal Branding

In response to a blog by Software Advice referring to video resumes, written by Eugene Lim, she raises a point, which actually differentiates how a video is also effectively used for your Personal Brand. She states in her first point::

“Instead, show something different. For instance, since actions speak louder than words, show yourself working on your latest achievement. Walk them through a past project with screenshot visuals, or show quick snapshots of you volunteering in a job-related field.”

Your personal brand  as I wrote in another blog post, is determined by what people seek you out for and what you are known for.

In your Personal Brand Video, which complements your resume, focus on your accomplishments, what you are known for accomplishing. Focus on projects which you are asked to oversee and why you were asked to manage those projects. This creates your personal brand, your personality, and how you succeed in everything you do. Your video should not be a replica of your resume (also stated by Eugene, which I agree with). It should be your personal marketing tool.

You can choose to use a video as your resume (as written by Eugene) as well if you are comfortable, not everyone is or you can use it to market your personal brand. How this fits your strategy towards potential employers, networking contacts and  your career path would determine how you use videos to your advantage in today’s competitive world.


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