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Today I finally caught up with a few emails in my, “review” folder. A few of them were from Marie Forleo ( an amazing Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who created B-School. In her first video, when she talks about the 6 Pillars of creating an online business, she very clearly states that success comes from loving what you do and exuding the passion about that in how you develop your business. Our daily jobs, are a big chunk of our lives. Being happy, passionate and positive about our jobs is so important.

I knew why I wanted to work for myself, which I stated in my very first blog, “Why I Started my Own HR Firm.” I realized after reviewing the videos from Marie Forleo that my “why” should actually be expanded. I am passionate about organizing, learning and developing. My services are based upon those three aspects. I’m passionate about developing solutions which are logical, cost-effective and save time. I’m passionate about learning to help others develop their skills, their personal self-development, their time freedom and their health. I love organizing because it is one of my best qualities, my last manager I worked with, told me one day, I had to capitalize on that quality, because I rock when it comes to being organized.

I am also human, I love being human. I’m not perfect, but I know that failure is a part of succeeding and that success is a process, not a destination. There is no set way to get there, but you create your own path, and along the way life has it’s own plan for you, and like Marie states is her video’s, to stay positive, keep a buffer for the crap that life has planned for you, and yes, you get over it, but your “why” in your career, whether, you’re an entrepreneur or a full-time employee is that important to being passionate and happy with your career.


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