Recruiting for Small Businesses

I recently wrote a Blog for Small Business Centr about cost-effective strategies for recruiting. The typical process which bigger businesses use through a database, and job boards, are expensive, and result in quite a bit of resume dumping. As an HR Professional with experience in Recruiting there are a few options. Click here to read my … Continue reading Recruiting for Small Businesses

Career-Family Balance

Career-Family Balance We often ask ourselves what can we do to achieve career-family balance. It’s important to realize the smallest of changes can produce the strongest of impacts. Time management applies equally in our own lives the way it does at work.  In a recent article I wrote for CAREEREALISM, I discuss strategies to help achieve … Continue reading Career-Family Balance

Personal Branding

There has been a big movement towards branding- whether it is personal branding, company branding, product or service, it’s important to understand the different types. For more reading, view The most important to comprehend, is your personal brand. The main points to figure this out are two things: 1)   What do people seek you … Continue reading Personal Branding


The definition of Motivation, is as follows: Noun: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way: escape can be a strong motivation for travel.• the general desire or willingness of someone to do something: keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation. So here is my question for everyone, what … Continue reading Motivation

My Passion= ASK.Solutions

      Today I finally caught up with a few emails in my, "review" folder. A few of them were from Marie Forleo ( an amazing Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who created B-School. In her first video, when she talks about the 6 Pillars of creating an online business, she very clearly states that success comes … Continue reading My Passion= ASK.Solutions

My Tips: Cover Letters

Cover Letters- My Tips Writing a cover letter is not always the most enjoyable aspect in a job search when applying for jobs. In fact it is a determining factor, in whether or not, your resume will be reviewed. In all my experience as a job seeker, as a recruiter and my background within HR, … Continue reading My Tips: Cover Letters