Workplace Bullying

In light of a new blog I recently read, devoted to bullying in the workplace ( this blog post answers some basic questions, which reference back to the blog I read on Workplace Bullying:

Definition of Workplace Bullying:

Repeated mistreatment of one or more employees with a malicious mix of humiliation, intimidation and sabotage of performance. This type of mistreatment is driven by a desire to control, it exists at any level of the organization, and it can happen to anybody, and I mean anyone. These are negative acts directed towards employees.

Forms of Bullying Behaviour:

1)   Malicious gossiping

2)   Aggressive emails or notes

3)   Hostile glares/intimidating gestures

4)   Insults

5)   Unfair and constant criticism

Results of Bullying for Employees:

1)   Low Self-Esteem for Employees

2)   Anxiety

3)   Poor performance

4)   Headaches

5)   Depression

Results of Bullying for Employers:

1)   Low Productivity

2)   Absenteeism

3)   High health care costs

4)   Low Morale

5)   Negative employee relations

How to Confront & Stop Workplace Bullying:

1)   Establish an Anti-Bullying Policy, including what it is and what is unacceptable

2)   Hold training sessions for managers and supervisors

3)   Establish process for reporting, investigating and solving complaints


5 thoughts on “Workplace Bullying

  1. canada post is a big,bigger, biggest bully towards it’s employees, direrct & indirerct way from which has caused high levels of stress, depression. human rights violations up the waszoo so they use bullying to get the job done, bullying into quiting of work because you don’t feel safe in your work place because of bulling. human rights commission I think is a farse they are there to help the common person but when it comes to cda post they will back OFF

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