HR: The 411 on Career Options

HR has becomes a field of opportunity with different areas; each with their own unique points. Here I outline all the areas and the unique points. Most of the time, people think of two things when it comes to HR, hiring and firing. That’s no surprise because that’s the department that has to manage those two aspects.  Some HR Professionals state there are two main areas that the different disciplines of HR fall under- Compliance and Administration. From what I see, and how technology, competition and advancements in knowledge are effecting today’s workforce, each discipline has it’s own unique points; categorizing them between compliance and administration takes away from that unique point. The below points summarize the major disciplines of HR Management:

1)  Staffing Management- Recruit, Selection, Hiring, Onboarding, Retention, Organizational Planning and Workforce Exit and it’s an ongoing cycle. The unique point under this area of discipline is the word “staffing,” it’s an ongoing process which is constantly revisited for cost-effective strategies to be implemented.

2) Labor Relations- Collective Agreements, Organizing Unions, Unfair Practices and Contract Administration. The unique point under this area of discipline is actually pointed out right away it’s the Formal Process/Protocol dealing with Collective Bargaining and Management Relations.

3) Safety & Security- This combines two overlapping areas, Employee Safety (Injury & Illness) and Employee Security (Internal and External Risks).  The unique point here is on the advancement of Safety & Security in the workforce, which has now advanced greatly due to technology, company culture and communication.

4) Benefits- Dealing with the indirect employee compensation which, employers use to attract, recognize and retain employees- this includes designing and administering health, disability and health insurance- this is what makes this discipline of HR unique, the indirect benefits which have that huge of an impact on employees and make the subject of employee retention an ongoing topic.

5)  Employee Relations- This is only concerning the relationship of employees with the organization and with each other. Commonly this is combined with labor relations, but actually it is separate. What is unique here is that this is the area where managing the performance of employee’s in context to the employer-employee relationship become evident.

6) Compensation- The unique factor here is obvious, money, and the strategy in place to attract, recognize and retain employee through direct pay, whether base pay, overtime and differential or incentive pay.

7)  Global HR- All aspects HR within the worldwide context of managing global workforce, expatriation and cultural HR Practices around the world. The word “global” pinpoints the unique factor.

8)  Diversity- an area, which focuses on how, differences within the employee environment actually brings employees together as one. These differences include working styles, experiences and qualities of each employee. How these are leveraged to support business objectives makes this a unique area for management.

9) Business Leadership- This combines two necessities- human capital management and strategic management. How the processes, activities, and policies align these two together, creates short-term and long-term support for the organization’s needs and opportunities.

10)  Consulting- providing all aspects of HR Management from an external provider and includes client management, contracts, development, etc.…. maintaining the unique factor of external guidance and not internal.

11) Ethics & Sustainability- This is relatively gaining more significance in the 21st century, and primarily focuses on; a) dealing with how both personal and organizational values play roles in decision-making b) societal impact of business decisions c) Leveraging intersection between business interests and societal good

12) Organizational & Employee Development- how a company enhances the effectiveness of a company and the well being of its members through leadership and skill development is what makes this area unique.

13) HR Technology- Any system that supports an HR Function, HRIS, SAP, and Payroll etc. falls into this area.


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