Job Hunting & Staying Positive

Right now, looking for jobs is a hot topic. There is one key strategy to making it through the job hunt and I will pin-point three ways to do this. Staying positive is the key point in making it through:

1) Support System: Your family, friends and professional network are your support system. These are the people in your life to help you through, support you and be there for you. Even for referral interviews, talking about your past experience and the people who know you well enough to talk to you about your career. Utilize your network of everyone you know to keep you positive. We are all humans, we will have our feelings, our moments and naturally go through this which is why its important to keep the energy of positivity with you in the time of looking for a job.

2) Career Coaching/Life Coaching- As someone who has worked with a career coach, it is a wise investment if you feel stuck, are looking for a career change and also, to learn where you could improve. This includes action planning, cover letters, interviews, self-analysis on skills and opening up new possibilities. I also provide all these services in my business, so consider this as an option. The average person, will change careers at least two or three times in their life, when they come to a turning point. This is where a Life Coach can help in making decisions as to what direction to take. My service of Creativity Coaching utilizes going within and not feeling the “hole” we feel sometimes, that needs to be filled. You can fill it yourself, nobody has to do it for you, and that’s where your creativity lies and needs to be released. These methods all keep you positive due to support and continuos feedback you learn about yourself.

3) Networking- Sitting at a computer all day and applying online is not going to find you a job. The whole purpose of job search databases, is to search keywords, and as they come up in resumes, is when the resumes are pulled. An automatic response that you receive the minute you apply is no indication of where you are in the pile of resumes for the position you are applying for. Talking to people, networking on LinkedIn, and dropping off resumes are more pro-active ways of connecting. In my own experience, Starbucks provides a great environment to do work, meet people (and yes that’s how I’ve made contacts in the past) and also is an outside office from your normal comfort zone. When you network, have a networking business card, with your name, email, number, any degrees/designations and highlight at least 2-3 main qualities/skills/achievements (i.e. languages) to grab attention. Right away, follow-up, make a referral interview appointment, write a marketing letter about yourself and get yourself in there. The world is competitive and to get in there, you have to do it pro-actively, not reactively! Pro-active attitudes and strategies keep your mind positive, when you sit behind a desk, it is reactive and will have the opposite effect.

Happy Job-Hunting!


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