LinkedIn: My Two Cents

Everyone is becoming aware of the rising competition on strategies to find jobs in the competitive world we live in. Very recently, headlines have noted how LinkedIn is now taking over in job searching, and also the degree of competition within the industry- that is between job boards, employer websites and employment agencies. I’m not against the options of job boards, employer websites and employment agencies but, you have to wonder at one point, there has to be another way to show off your talent at its best.

The reality of it- the functionality that LinkedIn offers, is what sets it a part from its competition. When job searching and networking to find employment- LinkedIn should be at the top of anyone’s list. The benefits I see from using the LinkedIn platform  are as follows:

1) Sense of competition: Each job advertisement displays number of applicant’s so you have a sense of competition. This allows you to create that outstanding of a cover letter to grab the recruiters attention.

2) Backup: All jobs you apply for are saved for you, saving you time to save everything on your computer, unless you prefer backing up everything for your own personal reasons.

3) Follow-Up: You can follow-up with the direct recruiter of the company to know what to expect in terms of follow-up, should you choose this route versus making a phone call to the company.

4) Referrals: People in your network who can refer you for job openings is also an amazing option.

5) Skill Comparison: Save jobs to compare to your skill set first before you apply to ensure you are the best for the position.

6) Recommended Job Matches: Every time you apply, LinkedIn matches more jobs to recommend for you to consider.

7) Company Research: This allows you to monitor the change in number of job postings overtime from an employer you are following.

8) Direct Contact to Recruiters: As a Recruiter myself, I receive numerous requests from people looking for work. Being able to connect directly with Recruiters is an amazing advantage.

9) Groups & Discussions: There are Job Discussions as well as Job Advertisements. There are numerous groups tailored to specific industries and professions. Job Discussions and Group Discussions are not to be missed, both constantly have updates on job openings.

10) Connections- This is a great feature to initiate contact with individuals for informational interviews and referral interviews. Based on your individual Master Action Plan, this is an excellent tool to make direct connections in industries you want to work in.

So to conclude, link up to your career and open your world of opportunity!


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